Stakeholders and Roles

Project Stakeholders: There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour.

  • Communities
  • Local Governments
  • Media

Role of communities: The communities being the major beneficiaries of the project are expected to perform the following roles:

  • Cooperate with the contractors before, during and after the project implementation
  • They should give relevant information to the contractors and the stakeholders to ensure proper implementation
  • They should take part in the monitoring of the project during implementation
  • They should provide adequate security for the road equipment
  • They should take part in the maintenance of the road
  • They should ensure that the roads are proper used and report any act of mis-usage
  • They should ensure sustainability of the road.

Roles of Local Governments: The Local Governments, among other things, have the following roles:

  • Monitoring of projects in their jurisdiction
  • Budgetary provision and timely release of funds for road maintenance.
  • Encourage the participation of women in road maintenance activities through sensitization and awareness campaign
  • Work with the project Team to ensure maximum result
  • Prompt supply of information whenever requested on rural roads.
  • Encourage the sustainability of the road maintenance mechanism.

Roles of media: The media in its capacity should ensure that project achievements are disseminated to the public as at when due.

  • Propagate the activities of the SPIU in meeting the access to the constituents through the project.
  • To feedback the SPIU from the field.
  • To ensure sustained interest of the external stakeholders in the project, making them to see the project as theirs.